Join us this Fall! 

Every good team makes adjustments at halftime. What adjustments do we need to make as a church as we step back into the game after a challenging season?

December Resources
Core Commitment: GO

Our call to GO includes both the work of evangelism and discipleship as well as the call to be salt and light- loving our neighbors and caring for the vulnerable. We go in both word and deed, sharing the gospel and meeting temporary needs.

This is the final excerpt from a 2017 sermon series where Pastor Matt taught on our last core commitment: GO. We don’t just exist for ourselves or our own church, but to reach our community! What does it look like to be an externally focused community? What is our mission? 

The Art of Neighboring!

Hear from author and pastor Dave Runyon on the transformational practice of loving our neighbors in Jesus’ name. The call to “GO” may be scary but if we boil it down it is quite simple. Take a listen to have your perspective on evangelism and neighboring challenged and strengthened! This is a three part series.

When Helping Hurts Introduction: When Helping Hurts is a foundational work that helps Christians understand poverty and the church’s response. Our call to GO also includes loving our neighbors by being salt and light in this world, alleviating suffering and caring for those in poverty in Jesus’ name. 

Hear from Compassion International about their global work and the reality of poverty. For many of us it is hard to imagine what life in poverty looks like. This article will raise our awareness and help us have hearts of compassion as we GO!

Book of the Month

A book answering some of the biggest questions and objections to following Jesus today. Reading this book will help you better think and talk through your faith with your neighbors.