MIDDLE SCHOOL - 6th - 8th grade students

Wednesdays from 6pm - 8pm here at the church.

Come join us for a time to hang out, enjoy some snacks and food from our snack bar during free time. Then we will play a game before we move into the Youth Room for Worship and a message. We finish off the evening in our Community Groups where we split off into grades and have some deeper discussion.

Current Series:
We are currently in our Alpha series which is looking into some of the questions students have about life.

HIGH SCHOOL - 8th - 12th grade students

Sundays from 12pm - 2pm here at the church. We will get some food, hang out, play a game and have a deeper discussion in the Bible or series that we may be going through.

Current Series:
Rooted Essentials will kick us off with their 6-week program. Starting
February 19th