Meet our local and global partners!

We are honored to be able to support the men and women below as they seek to GO locally and globally with the good news of the gospel. The generosity of the people of FBC allows us to financially contribute to these missions. 

The Bergman Family

The Bergman family are missionaries with Youth with A Mission (YWAM) and are based in Madison WI. Tim & Nellianne have a focus on the reaching the nations for the Lord and they are actively supporting and initiating the multiplication of a missionary training course called Bible School for the Nations. They also provide training in the developing world for those who do not have access to Biblical education or leadership training.  Contact Tim Bergman at

The Matsui Family

Kent and Erin are part of a global movement that is trusting God to reach the 150 million college students of the world with the message of Christ (CRU). The Lord sent us to the University of Hawaii at Hilo in the Big Island of Hawaii. We are currently in our 10th year here.

Compassion International

FBC has partnered with Compassion International and Grace Church of Daoura to minister to children in Togo, Africa. Daoura is home to roughly 2,700 people with an average family income of less than $10 per month. FBC donated the needed funds to launch the Child Development Center there and continues our relationship with this church through child sponsorships. Numerous individuals and families at FBC are sponsoring children, allowing the staff to provide these kids with Bible teaching, food, growth monitoring, hygiene training, vaccinations, counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS, school fees, books, uniforms, tutoring, computer classes, field trips, career guidance, music activities, games, soccer tournaments and birthday celebrations. The staff will also provide medical assistance, income-generating projects and lessons on child protection, disaster preparation, literacy, HIV/AIDS awareness, nutrition and preventive health care for the parents or guardians of your sponsored child.

Over 80 kids are currently sponsored from FBC in this village. If you'd like to sponsor a child, please contact Pastor Matt.

Foster the City

Our church is a proud partner church with Foster the City, a coalition of churches committed to placing kids in foster care in loving homes. We want to see a church for every child! What would the Bay Area look like if our churches stepped up and provided loving homes for those in need? Interested in being a foster parent or support friend? Contact Amber Skrabec at or visit

The Bevelhymer Family

Wycliffe Bible Translators uses aviation to support it’s Bible translation work in some of the most remote parts of the world. After many years serving in the field, Steve and Kelli serve at JAARS, Wycliffe's support arm. Steve uses his field experience to train new pilots in their final preparations to serve overseas as well as providing training to pilots home on furlough before they return. The pilots he trains are serving literally all around the world from Africa to Asia to the Pacific. Contact the Bevelhymers at

The Robison Family

Jon & Maki Robison are evangelical church planters in Japan and FBC’s newest missionary partnership. They have three sons, Aquila, Leon and Hugo. They began serving in Tokyo in 2008 and recently left the Morioka Minami Church which was officially planted in 2017. The Robisons look forward to sharing the love of Christ in the Kanto area when they return to Japan in 2019. See their website at for more info.

John and Janie Stark

John and Janie, previously with the Wycliffe Bible Translations, continue to serve the expanding world-wide Bible translation movement through T4 Global, now called Spoken Worldwide. Based in Missouri, the Starks help to facilitate transformational training among the poorest, hardest to reach communities in the world. Through this ministry they help to introduce messages of help and hope through oral and experiential learning process that is enhanced by technology. Contact Starks:

Mike Anderson- New Vitality

New Vitality exists to minister to, assist, and encourage pastors, their spouses and churches in achieving their goals while maintaining personal, emotional, and spiritual health. In much the same way that pastors and their wives minister to their congregation, we minster to them. Contact:

Christian Help Center- Vallejo

The Christian Help Center is located at 2166 Sacramento Street, Vallejo. The Christian Help Center was established in 1983 with the vision of providing food and shelter to those who are homeless and in need of care with compassion, dignity, and respect in Vallejo and the surrounding areas. FBC prepares and serves dinner at the homeless shelter on the fourth Sunday of the Month.