Join us this Fall! 

Every good team makes adjustments at halftime. What adjustments do we need to make as a church as we step back into the game after a challenging season?

September Resources
Core Commitment: WORSHIP

Listen to our intro podcast to hear a word of encouragement and some brief reminders about our monthly resources as we get started.

This is the first half of a sermon from 2017 where Pastor Matt taught on our first core commitment: worship. What is worship? What passages from Scripture should shape our understanding of worship? 

Hear a great podcast from Risen Motherhood, replaying an older message from missionary Elisabeth Elliot. She teaches on the importance of trusting God and embracing his will for our lives. This is central to what it means to worship! Though motherhood is in the title, this particular episode is beneficial for all, mom or not.

A reminder from Paul David Tripp to see all of life as an opportunity to worship. 

Hear from Pastor Tony Evans about the benefits we receive when we worship God.

Hear from a pastor unpacking ideas for implementing worship in your home. How can we see worship lived out around our kitchen table?

Read a short blog from author Jen Oshman about who really is on the throne of our lives. True worship means denying ourselves and putting Jesus on the throne!